Sunday, 31 March 2013

Il Vicolo

Sandwich board on the footpath / sidewalk outside Cafe Vicolo, Galway, Ireland
Two eggs, benedict style, smothered in hollandaise sauce and with an interesting side salad
Update:   Il Vicolo closed in this location in April 2014.

Opened in Augustine St / Buttermilk Walk in October 2011, in the premised of the badly-named but much beloved Café Luna (a daytime coffee joint), Il Vicolo is a clever combination of day-time cafe, winebar and Italian restaurant.

Very classy food, wine and coffee, and you really have to admire the way they managed to pack an incredible number of tables into a very small space.  The frosted windows and up-market look make it seem a intimidating from the outside, but the service is welcoming and friendly.

The menu, specials and opening days / hours change as often as Galway's weather - check their Facebook page for the latest details.

Phone:   (091)535-922

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