Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pura Vida Coffee House

Location:  21 Quay St
Phone:   353 (0)87 1235457 

Looking out over Galways' famous "Buckfast Plaza" (more politely known as the Fishmarket, or Spanish Plaza), the downstairs area has a European feel, and the upstairs window seats give a great view over the river towards the Claddagh.

It's not the largest cafe you've been in: downstairs there is space for about three people to sit down on a wet day, while upstairs has four or five tables suitable for a group, and couple of window seats. But there is a relexed welcoming feel about the place, some very innovative use of a limited space and on a fine day the outside seating area is a fantastic spot for people watching.

The coffee is good - well worth a look if you're doing a coffee-run from an office in the neighbourhood. The food is tasty, too, although a couple of visits have made me think that presentation isn't the chef's greatest strength.   But I suspect new management recently (early 2014) and that things have improved.

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