Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Kate's Cafe, Gort

Update:  Kate's has closed.  A new operator, Cafe 21, opened in the building in early 2019

This is a lovely spot, cleverly combining a cafe and a photography space into a heritage building in Gort's town centre.

From the outside it looks a little small, perhaps even ordinary.   

But once you get inside, there's plenty of space in a light, airy room, and stylish but very functional design everywhere you look.

The menu caters to the seriously healthy (broccoli smoothie, anyone?) - but has the classic Irish bacon and egg favourites with fish and veggie options too.     There's a full cafe menu besides these table-top highlights, but day I visited I was just after coffee - which was lovely.

And if you need some inspiration at the end of your visit, the restroom features a wall of recipes, too.   No excuse for boredom even here.

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/KatesCafeGort
Address:      Bridge Street  - see it on Maps
Phone:         086 300 1815

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