About Galway Cafe Guide

Galway Cafe Guide is an independent guide to Galway's cafe's.

What counts as a cafe:
A "café" is anywhere that doesn't look like a pub or a hotel, and which serves coffee  Except that there are nice cafés inside some hotels, so they might be included, if we fancy.  A café generally has to have somewhere for customers to eat-in, preferably sitting down.

Which café's are included:
This is an eclectic, authentic guide, and the constant change means that it will never be finished.   Cafés are included as we get around to visiting them.   If you'd like us to visit your place, drop us and line and we'll see what we can do.   Life is short, though, and too much caffeine in one day makes us write bad reviews.  So please be patient.

How do we operate:
  • No hyping, qyping or yelping.   
  • We might list phone numbers - but listings are not just taken from the phone book.  We visit.
  • No paid listings:  paid ads are ok, but they need to look like advertisements not advertorial.
  • Every listing includes a location, showing where the cafe is.  Our locations are right - ideally to within at a couple of metres.   If we cannot get it right, we don't list it.
  • All listings have photographs to prove we've been there, and facts.  Some have opinions too.
  • Opinions make things interesting, but remember what you mother taught you:  if we can't say something nice, we don't say anything at all.  This means that sometimes we won't say much!

What if you don't like your listing:
Drop us a line.   Give us some facts we can include, or information that might alter our opinions.    No promises given, but no prisoner are taken either.  We like cafés, and we want yours to be successful.   But we're not going to lie if we think you're not doing a great job.

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